Iron Man Helmet




Introduction: Iron Man Helmet

About: Hi my name is donovan. Please folow. And im 14

This is an awesome iron man helmet that least to make.

Step 1: Step 1, Materials


Step 2: Print Off Pep Files

you need to download pep files from a website called therft or 4shared
or find a link below

Step 3: Put Together

Find the same number and tape or glue together. If you use glue use hot glue

Step 4: Harden

To garden put resin over and let dry or put extra paper on by glueing. Or you can use fiberglass.

Step 5: Then Paint

Paint what ever color you want
Ex: red-yellow
black- gray
orange-green, ect..................................................



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    5 Discussions

    Is there a cheaper alternative for resin or fiberglass? I cant find it and would like to try something more available/less expensive

    also i Kent harden not garden

    You should add simple LED lights in the eyes with a reflective back panel so you don't blind yourself :D

    I would note that make sure you ventilate. epoxy using resin and sanding give off nasty stuff you don't want in your lungs