Iron Man Mk42 Cosplay

Introduction: Iron Man Mk42 Cosplay

About: I post instructables on how to build cheap superhero costumes!

This is not an instructable, just an entry in the costume contest! Plz vote for me! Made from duct tape.

Step 1: Helmet

Helmet with hinges!(visit spiderfan21's page)

Step 2: Everything Else

The back is heavier than the chest weighing the chest down.



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    Hey heads up I am publishing the grapnel gun for arkham city

    Making arkham origins so far so good check it out

    SHUT UP THAT'S AWESOME I WANT ONE u know what I might make something like that for my costume if not then its arkham city instied

    Did you know GameStop is releasing a batman arkham origins grappling gun?

    I made a batman arkham city armored edition gauntlet for my iPod! The bottom one holds my iPod

    13, 9:20 AM.jpg

    U are also the first to know that I will be making a full costume from batman arkham origins starting tomorrow here's the batarang

    photo-2013-11-08 10:34 AM.jpgphoto-2013-11-08 10:34 AM.jpg