Iron Man Suit With Tech


Introduction: Iron Man Suit With Tech

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"I want to be IRON MAN!!!" That's what Kalino, my 5 year old son, said when we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween. This is the suit I built with lots, lots of help from Anthonette, my wife. And of course all those people that post their projects on the Internet. There's lots of details and credit I need to add.

For any information that you'll like to see in more detail, please post a comment and I'll reply with more information or an Instructable.

More info later and videos:
Iron Man 3D Views from:


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    i had the idea to do a life size version of this for a "wearable arts" contest that i just found out about in my school my idea also involved an arduino... so im just wondering what u used to make it and if my design is something like this one here...

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    Sorry Raykholo for super-delayed reply. Lost my energy for a long time. Anyway, I used one of the original Arduino boards I could reply for more details, just wondering what specifics you're looking for.

    The response is appreciated, better late than never. No need, in these 3 years I've gained an enormous amount of experience with Arduino, and I do have a Duemilanove board myself along with others...

    Thanks though, much appreciated.

    You have plenty of construction photos, why not make this into a full Instructable? Amazing job!

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    Sorry for super-delayed reply. Life itself got in the way to getting back to this page. I started making the full Instructable but lost my energy. In the next iteration of the armor, my son wants to be in the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit. That will be fully documented along the way. The hardest part is waiting for 3D printer to come down in price. I can't do Pepakura (takes forever to cut, fold, glue) , fiberglass (toxic fumes bad for all), or cardboard (too fragile, hard to form into suit) for the Hulkbuster suit. So far a thin vacuum-formed pastic with foam layer and a 2nd vacuum-formed plastic is the best so far. Wish the titanium printers would come down price too!

    Almost a robot, Tio Raul. Yes, I need to add some moving parts. He was about to have a motorbox via Arduino to activate valve but could not integrate my prototype hardware in time. Maybe add more "robot" upgrades soon or move to next year's suit. :)

    Thanks all for the great comments. Now working on video to show my son in action in his Iron Man Suit. Will post hopefully this week or sooner. ;-) Yeah, Instructable sounds cool. Which part of suit do you want Instructable first?

    That is seriously brilliant.
    Your son must have been very happy. =D

    awwww look at the cute little Iron Boy seriously nice costume