Iron Melting and Casting. Casting Iron Plaque

I've melted different metals before but nothing which has so high melting point. Today I'm going to melt and cast some iron. Appropriate temperature for casting is about 1500 °C or 2732 °F.

Step 1: Iron Pipe

First of all, I need to crush an iron pipe on small pieces.

Step 2: Extreme Temperature

To melt and cast some iron I need to reach 1500 °C or 2732 °F. To get this temperature I use this fuel: Hell fuel

Step 3: Open the Mold

I'm really happy that I could make it. I wasn't sure if crucible and air pipe would sustain such an extreme temperature but everything went good.

Step 4: Result

That's how my channel iron plaque looks. I should add more iron otherwise it's good.



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