Iron & Paper Lamp.

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This is an easy way to reusese that scrapy iron and metal that is around. In an easy way and a few bucks I made a rusty stylish lamp to light my Night table. This is the first one from a series of lamps I´m going to do soon.

Step 1: Gathering Materials.

I used my father´s vise,an old welder and four pieces of iron . Just start to hit with a steel rod making the curves and then closing the circles. Then just weld the two circles with the.two straight pieces of iron making a cylinder.

Step 2: Welding.

Attach the two circles and weld some more scrappy curved welding rods.

Step 3: No Paint, No Problem.

This rustic style was made "painting" the hole lamp with Just Salt and water. Leave it in the Sunday for two days and all the rust will emerge from the iron. For the final touches just paint with clear varnish.

Step 4: Paper Screen.

This a kind of special paper for lamps. It has a Vintage Style. Like Thin Skin.I Used a piece of paper of 29 x 39 cms.Make a cylinder and glue it. You can make some cylinders from other colors.Right now I´m working in some other styles of lamps.

I hope you like it ,rated and vote.

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