Iron Sculpture




Introduction: Iron Sculpture

This is an Iron Sculpture, made with waterjet cut and painted with airbrush. With this sculpture I seek to generate a three dimensional sensory impact through the fusion of reason and visual logic. Shapes and lines in a plane define the structure of the work, that when combined with the proper application of shadows and colors, create the impression of the third dimension and the unreal space.

However each artist must design his own sculpture and concept because in the arts field one of the most importat thing is the creative process even more than the constructive process. So here I am showing mainly the constructive process.


waterjet cut

Airbrush and painting equipment


Iron (6mm)

Masking tape

Solvent Thinner

Sand Paper


Base Maker

Cromo Color Paints


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Step 1: Waterjet Cut

First of all you must desing in a specific software (for example autocad, illustrator, among others) the sculpture you want to build. Then you have to cut it with a waterjet cut equipment.

Step 2: Removing Rust

You have to remove all the rust using sand paper.

Step 3: Variprime

You must clean the sculpture with prepsol, and the you have to apply 2 coats of variprime, using the airbrush.

Step 4: Base

Ater the variprime is dry, you must use a very thin sand paper with water to eliminate any irregularity in the piece. Then you have to apply 2 coats of base paint

Step 5: Masking and Paint

After the base paint is dry, you must use a very thin sand paper with water to eliminate any irregularity. Then you have to start masking the sculpture so you can start painting with one color. You should apply at least 3 coats of paint. After this color is dry, you should unmask the sculpture, and repet the process with a diferent color until you finish the sculpture.

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