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This is a hard project and took me over a year to do this so don't expect to finish this in a month unless you have nothing at all going on and have no job or school or anything that has you taking time haha..

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Step 1: Building the Suit Out of EVA Foam From Either Walmart or Another Source Online

So in this step there is a few places you can look to build this one is Xrobots he has all the templates to build it and adjust it to your size he is on youtube and he is very detailed oriented he walks you through step by step how to do each part and check him out on youtube Xrobots foam iron man suit. I tried building another costume out of fiberglass and resin and it just takes way to long I won't lie this is a hard project and if you don't have time to work on it for a year in your spare time I would not try this project. But where I started was find the templates in the pepkura program it is a program that takes 3d images and converts them to templates like origami it is super fun it is like a huge puzzle then once you cut them all out then you hot glue every piece together and once you have your piece done and created out of the foam then you spray it with plasti dip and then find the spray paint you would like I would recommend auto paint it is expensive but it will give you the best results then you clear coat it and then you have your very own armor piece. Questions ask away :)

Step 2:

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    22 days ago

    I love this one, by far looks the best one on my list. If I did this in the summer, how much would it cost to do this project and would it take the whole summer?


    6 months ago

    i am going too attempt too build this so basically i buy templates traceable templates and buy some huge foam sheets from walmart or wherever i can and trace the templates over the foam and cut out the foam pieces


    3 years ago

    Does anyone have a link or links to peicing together the iron man mk 3 arms as a guideline please