Iron Man Xbox 360 Slim Mod

Introduction: Iron Man Xbox 360 Slim Mod

Iron man xbox 360 slim mod more info or questions ask me at

krylon plastic primer spray paint
krylon metallic gold spray paint
1000+ grit sand paper get this at your local auto store
Find your local airbrush artist for the iron man look!
Steps :
Take apart the xbox every piece!
sand individual pieces !!!!  starting from the lowest grit sand paper up to 1200
then use krylon plastic primer spray paint and sand again
Use krylon metalic gold spay paint to finish no clear is required ! you can clear it if you like krylon recommends no clear coat.


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is fantastic, actually, I'd say professional, ha. I'm curious though, how exactly did you get the gold paint to come out so clean? So far, the steps I've listed are to sand the parts with low to 1200 grit sand paper. Prime it with krylon plastic primer. Then sand over with again and paint, but what technique did you use verbatim? I would really like to hit the whole xbox with that finish

    Riley Planalp

    Nice mod...I like the chest plate detailing effect.

    Just wondering, did you get the idea from this guy's instructable?

    That thing is sick. I usually don't care for console decals because I just care about what they put on the tv screen, but that is very cool. I can't really give you full credit for a great instructable since you hired out the painting and don't show how to do it yourself, but the idea was great.