Ironing a Shirt




Introduction: Ironing a Shirt

Ironing a shirt is easy once you figure out the basics. It is a skill that comes in handy, whether for a job interview, a wedding, a date, or just a Sunday stroll.

All you need is:

  1. an iron
  2. an ironing board
  3. a shirt

Step 1: The Sleeves

I like to start with the sleeves. They take up the most time. To iron the sleeves, you lay them out on the ironing board, so that the crease is in line with the shoulder seam. Gently iron the sleeve from the shoulder to the cuffs. Then flip the shirt over and repeat the process, making sure that you don't make new wrinkles in the ironed side. the process is the same for both sleeves.

Step 2: The Front

This is probably the easiest part of ironing a shirt. Lay the shirt out on the ironing board as shown. All you really have to do is iron everything on the board, except for the edge with buttons, there you have to go carefully around each of them.

Step 3: The Back

Lay out the shirt so that half of the back is on the board. Iron from the collar down. Then transfer the other half of the back to the board and repeat.

Step 4: The Collar

The collar is separate because there is a trick to it. You don't ever want to touch the visible part of the collar with the iron, because if there is any gunk on the iron, you'll never get it out of the collar. You want to pop the collar so that the visible part is on the board, and iron only the back of the collar (the part that's underneath when the collar is folded).

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    4 years ago

    Nice to know about ironing the back of the collar only; I've been doing it wrong all these years. Thanks for taking the time to do a life skills tutorial. Good job.