Irrigated Stand Up Greenhouse

Introduction: Irrigated Stand Up Greenhouse

In this project we will be creating a greenhouse that requires minimal watering for those forgetful minds using PVC and wood.


2 inch PVC pipe

two 2 inch 2-way Tee's per layer

eight 2in 3-way tees for the top and bottom layers

four 2in 4-way tees per layer

wood pieces for planters.

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Step 1: Cut Out the Starters

Print out squares using a laser and attached Auto-CAD file. Print out on 1/8 in wood or if smaller or bigger adjust slots on Auto-CAD file.

The pieces should peice together to make a box.

Step 2: Making a Layer the Lengths

You will need 8 feet of PVC per layer.

Cut three two foot long sections.

Then cut the two feet that is left over into four pieces, they should each be 6 inches long.

Then with the two foot sections cut out holes that are about the same size as the seed starters this can be done on the laser if the laser is the correct size.

Step 3: Assembling a Layer

Using the pieces you cut out in step two and two 2-wayT's and four 4-way tee's you can begin to assemble the layer.

Place the three 2ft long pieces in front of you horizontally with the rectangular holes face up.

Then add the two 2-way tee's to the middle one on each side with the double sided sides out.

Then connect the four 6in lengths to the tee's on either side.

Connect the 4-way tee's to that and the end lengths.

You should now have a layer that is all connected and sealed.

Step 4: Step 4: Making More Layers/ Making Offset Layers

To make more layers you can repeat step 2 and step 3 for an exact replica or you can make the layers off set.

Offset Layers:

To make offset layers you will need to cut the 8ft PVC pipe a little differently.

You will still cut the three 2ft long sections

Rather than cutting four 6in lengths you will need to cut four sections that are:

two 3in lengths

two 9in lengths

Then when assembling the layer the two 3in lengths will be complimentary (across from one another) and the rest of the assembly will be the same.

Step 5: Step 5: Connecting the Layers

To connect cut out 1ft of PVC to stack on the layers at the corners you will need four feet per layer attachment. Then proceed to put your left foot above your head and recite the national anthem.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing this. Do you have a picture of the finished greenhouse?