Is This Your Card?

An easy card trick to leave your audience in aw with. And win all bets.

Step 1: Deck Setup

You need a regular deck with or without jokers. Make sure the ACE OF SPADEs is always on the bottom.

Step 2: Pick a Card

lay out your cards and have them pick a card. Have them look and memerize their card.

Now split the deck and remember which deck has the ace on the bottom. have them put their card on top of the deck WITHOUT the ace.

Step 3: Knowing Where the Card Is

Put the ace deck on top. DO NOT SUFFLE.
don't go straight to it.
take the deck and pull a random card first. TELL THEM NOT TO TELL YOU IF ITS RIGHT
pull their card , in front if the ace of spades.

pull a final random.

Think for a moment and ask if their card is the middle one.



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