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Introduction: Fish Water!

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Being a cat lover, I get a daily news letter about cats and related material. I've read that many are concerned with whether or not their cat gets enough to drink.  Apparently, it is a valid health risk for cats, as they are very, I mean very, picky about the water that they drink.  I've had cats that will only drink running water, cats that will only drink your water, some prefer toilets,  and a few that I would swear never drank any water at all.
  There are several products on the market that you can buy, pet fountains and such that are cool but expensive.  Who knows if your cat will even consider these a good watering hole.  Its kind of like buying cat toys.  More than likely, they'll play with the bag that the toy came in before considering the toy.

 FISH WATER!  That's what Clyde and I call it!
  Having been owned by several cats in my lifetime, I've found a way of making sure they drink enough water.  Its also very inexpensive, healthy and available at any supermarket.
  The next time you go shopping, buy a can of fish food, any flake food.  It seems that the biggest ingredient in fish food is fish, along with vitamines and other good stuff.  Simply put some of the flakes into the water dish at feeding time, and I will guarantee {um.. guess} that when your cat realizes what you're doing, they will run to the water before the food.  Let your cat smell the fish food in the can first and make sure he see's you put it into the water.
  It's become a nightly ritual between me and my Korat, Clyde Barrow (the toilet paper thief).  All I have to say when I'm walking up the stairs is FISH WATER....  and he's right behind me.

 You can give it to them as a treat as well, they will love you for it.



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    Yes, I did. But they weren't remotely interested. Maybe if I give them something after I let them smell and before I put it in the water? Maybe that will work.

    Well, I guess it's not as irresistible to cats as I thought, just mine apparently. Not the end of the world I guess. I'm very glad to have your input even though it didn't work out for you. The only other though I have id to put a small amout of the fish food on the floor in front of him for him to taste.

    I thought this (brilliant!) 'ible was going be the water from a can of tuna. That i have done before. Maybe if you refrigerate 1 can of tuna mixed with 8 to 10 (guestimating, i no longer live with cats to test on, hah!) of water? Maybe even more water, but if you really flake the heck out of the tuna in the copious water? Ehh. Just a thought.

    A healthy cat being fed wet food (canned food AND OF COURSE with full meat NO CEREALS) and never unhealthy pelleted (dry) food normally does not need any extra drinking!

    But the more water a cat gets the better it is!

    Never feed pellets!

    You can also add some water to the wet food, I always do!

    Our girl only likes the bathroom faucet, which is bearable. But the boy seems to like puddles and potientially stagnant water sources. We give him special (lactose-free) cat milk for some hydration, but still. I worry for his kidney health.
    The fish food is worth a try, so thanks for the idea!

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    I am really sorry for the late response. I either missed my notification or I didn't get it. Thanks for reading this short instructable. Unfortunately I don't think any kind of milk will hydrate a cat. I've heard stories about cats dying because their owners believed that milk is what you give to cats. Anyway, since it's been so long I would love to hear of your cats response to the fish food because I have heard from other people that it's a delicate process introducing it to cats. If you are still having problems, please let me know as I have a few tricks for getting cats to love the fish food. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you again.

    Great idea. To get my own cats to drink more, I got a free table top fountain from freecycle ~> the constant motion meant most of the cats were drinking from it often. It needed to be cleaned out every couple days [water and cat hair = clogged system]. It worked for years until the dog knocked it onto the floor. Now, I freeze the water from tuna into ice cubes, then mix a few in with a large pie plate of water. Once they are mixed, all the cats gather and drink as much as their tummies can take. It's only a small amount of the tuna water, and with 5 cats drinking it [say 3 ice cubes in a liter of water], it's not much to worry about. Seems to be the only thing they will drink much of. Otherwise, we buy tinned cat food, and mix it with a ton of water, and let them have at that. Especially in the hotter months, we'll let them have more of anything to keep them hydrated ;)

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    Those are all excellent ways to get a cat to drink more. If this method hadn't worked I definitely would have tried one of those. If it's OK with you I might add on to this instrucable with your ideas, or you could write one of your own. This is probably not something that a lot of people think about (they should) but for those that do it's nice to have a variety of things to try. You know how picky cats are, LOL.. Thanks again.

    You're welcome :D Feel free to add them, thanks for asking :D

    I thought this sounded great, I'm going to send it to my cat lover friend who has fish and cats. 8-)