Is It a Mouse? Is It a Flashlight? No, It Is a Mouse-f-light (maus-ff-lite)!




Introduction: Is It a Mouse? Is It a Flashlight? No, It Is a Mouse-f-light (maus-ff-lite)!

About: poor student living in Hanoi. due to lack of tools/component so I have to improvise many things @_@

Have you ever find yourselves in a dozen of broken-down computer mice and have no idea to do with them? Well, you know what to do now!
This mouseflight can be made in 10 minutes, though I have planned to do this for 10 days and haven't got time for it.
The idea is to create a simple flashlight that can be convenient and eye-catching at the same time. The switch it the left mouse button (optional) and it can use two different power sources: Lithium cell and USB port (in case the lithium cell ran out and you don't have time to buy a new one (it happened to me all the time)
Also, this is an entry to the flashlight contest

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The parts are really simple so to make this project you just need under $1 (without the computer mouse)
A broken computer mouse
A 3.0 V Lithium cell battery
A 1/4 Watt 100 Ohms resistor
A White LED (other color is good)
USB wire (you can get it out of the mouse)
A small SPDT switch

Step 2: Start With the Power Supply

The idea is to have an alternative source of energy instead of plain battery. I am working on how to charge the battery from the USB cable.
First, peel the outer layer of the USB cable. There are four wires: red, black, white and green.
The white and green wire are used to transmit the information, we don't need it, so just cut it out.
For the lithium battery, just put them in the battery holder. In my case, I don't have one, so I just solder it in.

Step 3: Alternative Power

The power from the USB hub is about 5V, and the power from Lithium battery is 3V, so I connected the USB (+/- wire) with a 100 ohms resistor, and connect it with L1 (pic 3) of the SPDT switch.
The same thing goes with the lithium battery, hook it up with the L2 of the SPDT switch.
Hook the two (+) wires together
Solder a piece of wire from the COM.
Just push the switch and you can change the power source.

Step 4: Squeak!

Get it? A mouse? Squeak? No? Fine.
Disassemble the mouse first. You'll see a circuit board with 3 buttons on the top: Left mouse button, Right mouse button and the scroll button. We just need one, so cut off the bottom. Don't cut too short or you will end up getting a button that is good for nothing. Don't cut too long, either. Make sure the is enough room for the power supply.
It is really simple. Connect the wires to the button. Whichever you choose is OK. In my case, I choose the left mouse button, since it is the most common button 'evah'
Solder one wire to the power supply, and the other to the LED
In case you don't know where is the positive and negative leg of the LED, see image number 7

Step 5: Put It All Together

First, drill two holes in front and behind the mouse (see image number 1 and 2)
I can't find my drill, so I just put the solder in it and pop! instant hole in one second
Well, do what the title said: put everything together, and you've got yourself a flashlight-that-look-like-a-mouse.

Step 6: A Little Extension

Well, one down, 11 mice to go. I have some ideas for the extension of the mouse
1. A Joule Thief: sure, why not. I even build one, but failed since I can't find a dead or nearly-dead battery (there are times I've got [another] dozen of dead battery, but now I can't seem to find them anywhere )
2. Steam punk: A little more decoration for the mouse. If only I have enough clock gear T_T
3. A REAL mouse. Instead of giving the mouse a LED in front of it, I drilled two holes in front and make a mouse that light up. The USB cable give it a convenient tail.
4. Battery charger: I am not very sure, but it seem like a good idea. I'll rate 5 star for anyone who can make one. (Yay)

This is my first instructables, and also my first contest entry. Hope you enjoy it!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's a good design for a project that build from waste material. Nice idea and unique appearance, though.