Inside of 9v Battery Is It Explosive?




Hi guys yesterday i was making video which show whats inside 9v battery couse before i didnt believe the myth.. So i opened them all and than one of them blowed up i dont know why ......

But in this instructabe you will see how to get 6 AAA bateries from one 9v battery so enjoy!



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    3 years ago

    Lead acid batteries create hydrogen gas when discharging and a spark could have caused it to explode


    6 years ago on Introduction

    There is considerable energy stored in a battery in the form of chemical bonds and/or ion seperation so if something shorts the entire battery e.g. being punctured by a long grounded rod, that energy can come out explosively.

    In this case, it was most likely merely mechanical compression being released by a puncture as noted by others. A chemical "explosion" would produce heat, light and smoke.

    There were military experiments back in the 1960s to create an electrical explosive. The theory is simple: Take a high resistance substance, cram a huge amount of electricity through it in microseconds and the entire resistor vaporized created a shockwave many times faster and more compressed than the best chemical explosives. Just like an impact wrench, a faster more concentrated shockwave is more destructive, especially to things like metal armor.

    It worked in the lab but you had to carry an incredibly expensive, one-shot,  refrigerator sized capacitor around to set the thing off. IIRC, someone adapted the procedure for some kind of cutting or welding application at very small scales.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Depends on the manufacturer. Some use flattened oval cells (like you'd get three strapped together for old motherboard memory backup batteries). Others use AAAA cells.

    And yes, those things can explode with a decent "crack".

    Never mind disassembling the things, I've had at least one fail that blew the plastic plug out of the bottom of the battery. And you trust these things in your smoke alarms?

    Others just quietly die -- from working to 0.5v, because they were spot welded together with chewing gum, or so it appears -- when disassembling the dead battery 6 loose cells fall out, not even attached properly. Beware :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    They're actually AAAA cells, not AAA cells. and it may have exploded if you pulled off the tab and it loosened the lid which is under pressure