Itali-Texan Olive Oil Infusion!

Introduction: Itali-Texan Olive Oil Infusion!

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With this guide, you can make an olive oil so tasty, you will need to make some more! Spice and garlic make the best couple!

Step 1: Ingredients

No Italian cuisine is complete without garlic, so make sure you have that! Chile powder adds a little zing, and the big chipotle pepper adds depth. Oregano is just there because it's tasty!

Needless to say, oil is also a must. Try to get an extra virgin oil, those pick up flavor the best.

Step 2: Prep the Ingredients!

First, cut about half a pepper into slices. Save the seeds, as they make good ornamentation and look classy in the mix. Push it aside and grab your garlic.

Peel a little of the skin back, and admire the precious little pieces of garlic. Pull out two or three pieces, and smash them with the flat of a blade. Be assertive, they like it!

Step 3: Throw It All Together!

Grab a glass jar, and pour in the oil. Add everything you cut, and a pinch or three of the spices. Stir everything up a little, and screw on the lid. Everything should be set now, so put it somewhere cool and enjoy!

(Side Note: Do not eat if the oil spoils. It is bad for you.)

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