Italian Cheese Garden

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Intro: Italian Cheese Garden

This is my zen garden of cheese .
I made this recipe for special occasions like romantic dinner and to impressionate my friends.

It seems so hard to make it but if you follow my instructions is easy.

Enjoy your meal

Step 1: Ingredients:

5 cups parmesan cheese

1 cup egg white

1 clove of black garlic

½ cup double cream

Cress for decoration

3,5 once ham

7 once potatoes

7 once milk

White pepper

1 l Vegetable oil

Step 2:

Grated parmesan .

Place 1 ½ cup of cheese in a large wide-mouther glass jar and and add the white egg and stir to combine.

Cover With film and refrigerate for 1h.

Step 3:

For the crust of parmesan: Tour on the oven to 170C . place 1cup of cheese in a baking tin and strew over all surface. Bake it for 9 minute until you see a gold crust.

Step 4:

Pil the potatoes and cut in cube and then place in a pan with black garlic, milk and a bit of salt and cook until it will be mush.

Step 5:

For the mousse of parmesan Place the rest of parmesan in wide mouther tin jar and wip with double cream Until it will be mousse.

Step 6:

Cut the ham in little pieces

Take out the first jar Wight parmesan and egg white and make it a little ball and fry it in a hot oil until they will be amber.

serve like your fantasy



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    Cute! :)