Italian Potato Croquettes (Crocchette Di Patate)

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Learn how to make Italian potato croquettes, straight from my Beneventani grandparents! You'll need:

6-7 yukon gold potatoes

100 mL butter

1 teaspoon salt

50 mg finely grated parmesan cheese

A block of mozzarella

3 eggs

An excess of flour and bread crumbs

Canola/vegetable/corn oil

Feel free to vary any of these to taste

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Step 1: Boil and Mash Potatoes

First peel the potatoes, then boil them until they're soft enough to put a fork through without much resistance. Drain the pot then mash the potatoes completely.

Step 2: Mix Other Ingredients With Potato

Wait for the potato to cool to room temperature, then add in the parmesan and one egg yolk only. Mix with your hand until uniform.

Step 3: Making Crocchette Shapes

Cut bits of the mozzarella block off and put them inside little lumps of our potato mixture.

Step 4: Coating the Crocchette

Beat the other eggs and leftover egg white until uniform. Then for each crocchette, cover uniformly in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs.

Step 5: Fry Slowly

Preparing a pan of cooking oil, put the stove on low-medium depending on how fast you want them (and how melted you want the mozzarella inside). Fry the crocchette, rotating them with a fork, until browned all around. Makes 20.

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