Italian Style Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Introduction: Italian Style Breaded Chicken Sandwich

it occurred to me recently that the only difference between a burger and a sandwich is the shape, with that in mind i original designed this as an elaborate burger that would be something that i wanted to buy if there were a place that served them.

I made special care to make sure that all the ingredients are something that you would typically associate with Italy but not necessarily Italian food. I also took for example the pesto and experimented to see how it would compliment other food, that is outside the realm of traditional pasta, it turns out incredibly well and is something that i now use far more often and rightfully so. 

Do go ahead and try this, it tasted amazing... possibly because of the copious amounts of melted cheese that i added :P


Breaded Chicken:
Chicken Breast
1 large Egg

Ciabatta bread
Tomato puree
Black Olives Chopped
Breaded Chicken
Chopped Green olives

If your still reading and interested and looking for something similar but also slightly different then i would recommend Cajun Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich.

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