3D Printed Disposable Flatware Clock (after Samuel Bernier's Design)




Introduction: 3D Printed Disposable Flatware Clock (after Samuel Bernier's Design)

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I recently saw this Instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Disposable-flatware-clock/ by Samuel Bernier and I loved the look of it so I had to go ahead and do it myself....3D printed version (not the plasticware....but i could :D)

plasticware (approx 15mm wide on the handle side)
3d printer

-Get a clock from the closest dollar store and take it apart
-Fit the actual clock in the 3d printed model
-The plasticware goes in the railings (they were designed 30 degrees apart from each other so you'll get a clock as straight as it can be
-Paint it in whatever color scheme you want
-Enjoy your new awesome clock 

I still need to laser cutter my plasticware but I'll post the final result pictures over the weekend 

Comments, questions and suggestions are very much appreciated!

99% of the credit goes to Samuel :)

P.S: you can find the 3d model here:

This item is also for sale on Etsy! Support is welcome!

Thanks :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    They look fantastic! I was just planning to make one and wasn't sure if red or yellow would be better. I still can't decide but now I can look at yours and figure it out eventually. Thanks for the tutorial and the photos!