It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Chainsaw





Introduction: It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Chainsaw

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Carrying on our tradition of our video sequel for angle grinders, this fourth time we transformed our grinder into another useful machine, a chain saw. Our primary aim for this transformation was experimental while the usefulness of the particular machine came second in our priorities.

Step 1: Metallic Plate

We first did this experiment for multiple reasons such as to see if the angle grinder could really work as a chain saw, whether the angle grinder is burdened, if it gets warm and if it can be used as a last resort in case of an emergency. Therefore, our work starts making a metallic plate, on which the angle grinder is adapted and stabilized when necessary. On this metallic plate, we placed a metallic rail taken from an arboricultural factory as well as the chain and the gear of the particular machine. The chain that we placed on the metallic plate is revolved on a high speed without derailing its way supported by the gear that revolves the angle grinder at the particular time. This metallic rail has the potential to move towards and backwards as a result to enable us to set how tight or loose we want our chain to be.

Then, we made a protective cover around the chain close to the parts that we place our hands in order to reduce any danger. Thus, without any special difficulty the angle grinder 4 is a fact!!!!

Step 2: Testing

After completing it and testing it, we got amazed by its performance as an electrical chain saw. Although, we consider that this was a transformation of a high risk. Also, we must say that using a bigger angle grinder, the performance will be dramatically increased. However, the advantage of this transformation is that none of the components is modified as a result they can be easily returned unchanged to their primary position, where they were placed at the chainsaw.

Step 3: Result

To sum up, this particular transformation costs very little money and it can work in many different cases having great results. Additionally, it is much lighter than the common gasoline powered chainsaws, much less noisy with a small angle grinder and this is obvious when it is used for many hours as its temperature increases.



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    1 year ago

    I must say that this is extremely stupid. I believe in personal responsability all the way but no one should ever EVER use a chainsaw without kickback protection.

    This is a neat idea and is executed well. A great Instructible. The people complaining need to realize that safety is like craftsmanship: it's not the result of what tools you possess, it's the result of how you use them. An off-the-shelf angle grinder is already more than capable of causing injury or death, depending on who's using it. But if you fully understand and remain alert to the potential hazards involved, you can safely use just about any kind of tool. Conversely, if you're careless, inattentive, or unskilled and overconfident, even the simplest tools can be dangerous.

    I hope that you have great liability insurance. Posting instructions like this will get you sued, especially if it's a kid that gets hurt or killed.

    1 reply

    only in countries that does not believe in personal responsibility....

    I think should be entered into the new Darwin Award category.

    If anyone is even thinking this is useful in their life, go and buy on Amazon the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric Chainsaw.

    It's much cheaper than a trip to the hospital.

    You know all you people bit-- and complain about his hack. Although I do not see anyone of you putting something up now or lately. What is it you only had one idea and it was a chainsaw and he beat you to it? I think it was a good hack and my saw works great, although mine is on a much larger grinder and I used an oilier from an old chainsaw and the teeth also. Nice hack Make it Extreme

    1 reply

    k. So What ? Go Back to Mepos or Crete......Or Somewhere

    Why not simply arm the angle grinder with a circular saw designed for it?


    1 year ago


    I just wonder on the long run if the grinders' motor will live long ! Looking at the ad for other uses he must have a lot of kaput grinders


    1 year ago

    Wikipedia chainsaw safety features... a good start to understand why this thing is a bad idea.

    This thing is deadly or highly dangerous.

    The user should highlight the dangers of operating something like this. Even with a good operator and proper use, this thing is still dangerous.

    I enjoyed laughing at this... but this thing shouldn't be anything more than a comedy feature.

    Having seen what a broken chain can do, back before they had the hand guard that locked the chain in event of a break, I wouldn't THINK about trying this hack!

    Gaffer tape an oil can to the grinder and make it a manual oiler :D It does need some lubrication so it is really only a proof of concept which has already been done on Youtube .

    I second this.


    1 year ago

    10 out of 10, awesome hack a profesional work

    I'm impressed to say the least...definitely not for a look like a PRO and if your not, you certainly have the qualifications. Thank you for a entertaining video.

    This Channel Needs to Travel a Long Mile to Become You Tube. Fabrication, and Material Science can Carry you a Long Way...but this is Not Shop Class, Nor You Tube, so Folks......Put on Your Big Boy Pants, get a Grip, and Perform what is Both Realistic, and Practical. THANX VJVMD.

    The horror possibilities of this are absolutely cringe-making.

    A fine proof of concept, but definitely a hack NOT for the everyday, accident-prone DIYer - nor the non accident-prone amongst us.