JAX I-Poster Base Assembly

Steps to run power and attach/detach base units


4 Metal Grommets (2 per end unit)
8 Pins (4 per joint)

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Step 1: Power Can Be Run From Cord or Outlet Under Unit

Step 2: Power Runs Through Top, Then Use Grommet for Cord Management

Step 3: Assembly of I-Poster Base Step 1

Place 2 or 3 base units in install location in line with front doors all facing same direction.

Step 4: Assembly of I-Poster Base Step 2

Align units so end openings match up

Step 5: Assembly of I-Poster Base Step 3

Take supplied pins and insert in 3/8 holes which will align Base units so top heights match evenly

Step 6: Assembly of I-Poster Base Step 4

Next flip top and bottom latches to pull base units tightly together.

Step 7: Assembly of I-Poster Base Step 5

Base units should fit tightly together to present flat surface for I-Posters

Step 8: Disassembly of I-Poster Base

Unlatch top and bottom. Pull units carefully apart. Then push pins out with base units separated.

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    16 days ago

    Nice job on your first Instructable! Thanks for sharing :)