JCAII / British Airways - Icelink DTS

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JCAII Icelink DTS rev v2
Lightning Cable Replacement Guide

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Step 1: Remove Top Cover

Remove top cover with #1 Philips screwdriver
Cover is held in place with 4 Philips screws

Step 2: Disconnect DTS Harness

Disconnect DTS wiring harness or completely shut down Vestergaard Rig
DTS wiring harness is held in place with two precision slotted screws #1

Step 3: Disconnect USB Lightning Cable

Disconnect USB lightning cable from USB socket

Step 4: Unscrew Cable Gland Interior Nylon Nut

Unscrew cable gland interior nylon nut

Step 5: Lightning Cable and Cable Gland Removed

The lightning cable and cable gland should now be released and can be removed from the DTS enclosure

Step 6: Remove Cable Gland Exterior Nut

Remove cable gland exterior nut
This should allow you to now route the lightning end of the cable out of the cable gland
Reverse process with the replacement Lightning Cable



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