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My name is Kay Hilde.

My dream project is to repurpose a grain bin into a art studio and sanctuary.  I am an artist and I also teach classes and seminars encouraging people of all backgrounds and ages to rediscover their creative selves and think outside the box.  What better place to do that then in a round grain bin on my family farm in Minnesota?

On our farm, just  miles outside the city of Moorhead, MN, are several empty grain bins just waiting for a renewed purpose! I'm happy to say I have the vision, the drive, most of the resources and all the determination necessary to make Binny's Art Studio & Sanctuary a reality.

If I were awarded the $25,000 grand prize the money would go directly to construction materials and labor.  I have been working with an architect and I'm happy to say the finished studio is estimated to cost less than $40,000 as the foundation, electricity, etc. are already existent.  I have raised and saved approximately $15,000 for this project so far so the additional $25,000 would be a serendipitious and generous final piece to the puzzle!

I want to thank you for your consideration of my dream project and thank you for providing this opportunity - what a wonderful way to encourage indepedent ingenuity!

All the best and Cheers!


PS.  I do have a favorite JD drink.  It's Jack and Water with a Lemon (for femininity). :)

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