{JEREMY} How to Make a Diy No-tie Bow Tie




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This is an easy diy tutorial on how to make a no-tie bow tie. I will be using an elastic band for a quick, fun, and easy fit.  This is great for all the gentlemen in the wedding party. Enjoy!

{JEREMY} Bow Tie Pattern:



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    1 year ago

    How do I get the pattern?


    3 years ago

    Heyy, I'm considering making a bowtie for a friend for Christmas and was wondering if the interfacing is really vitally important?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi shuant! That is great to hear that you now know how to tie a butterfly...awesome! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment:)


    Thanks so much for your tutorial! I had to make a bow tie for my husband and this was very quick and easy to follow!

    4 replies

    You are so welcome:) Those bow ties are AWESOME!!! Thank you for visiting and creating something EXTRAordinary! If it is okay, I would love to share your bow ties on my blog in the near future. Ann

    That would be no problem at all. I love how something that takes so little time, can turn out so nice. Yeah, I just moved to Houston about a year ago, around Cypress!

    Great! Thank you. Also, welcome to Houston! If you like apparel sewing and don't mind driving out to Katy, you should join me to meet other women who love to sew. The "Sewing Fashionistas" meet bimonthly to learn from one another. If you are interested, feel free to visit their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sewing-Fashionistas/200778676613615

    If you like, I can keep you posted regarding the next meet. It will be on the first Monday of June.


    Greetings Taryn! I visited your website 'from Pixels to Patchwork' It is beautiful! I also noticed you were from Houston...I reside in Sugar Land:) Welcome to the addictive world of sewing!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just one nit to pick... this is not a pre-tied (or in any way "tied") bow tie. This is akin to a clip-on bow tie, or a 'no-tie' bow tie.

    I have in the past pre-tied dress ties and bow ties for friends, allowing them to loosen and then tighten the knot to slip it on over their heads; and some of them have left the ties tied for years... decades even in one case I know.

    The key difference is that it can be untied, and it appears fully like a "real" hand-tied tie, versus these types which are, to the discriminatory observer, quite obviously "cheaters" or "fakes"...

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    Greetings karossii! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I can see where you are coming from...I will rename it to a 'no-tie' bow tie. Thanks for educating me on this.

    I just wanted to create this for Brides that are sewing beginners and hopefully make life a little easier for the diy-ers. So yes, this is a "cheater" bow tie:)

    By the way, I had intended to end my previous comment with another sentence; "That said, I do think this is a wonderful solution for those who don't know how to tie one and don't have friends like me. Well Done." For some reason, that go cut off with the copy/paste into the comments box.

    I do understand the need/market for n-tie ties like this... it wasn't meant to be a purely negative comment, but more a clarification for those purists out there like me.



    Hi karossii!
    O no, thank you for clarifying:) Although I enjoy teaching others, on the same note, I love learning....especially form purists:) That's why I'm on Instructables:)