JIGGLYPUFF Bluetooth Speaker

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Hello dear instructables funs

My todays project is a bluetooth speaker, I have named it as "jigglypuff" because it looks goofy and singing song as like that pokemon. Actually I didnt intend to make a comparison, I made it improvisingly :)

I have spend 3 hours to make this cute speaker, but it worth. İts operation time abouth 10 hours with full charge.

Lets see the steps...

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Step 1: Wooden Enclosure Making Process


Table saw

Hole saw cutter bit



Gorilla glue


Tung oil in order to sealing wood

Step 2: Electronic Components


-18650 battery one piece

-Bluetooth receiver amplifier

-Adjustable voltage regulator

-Charging module

-700 mf capacitor

-On off switch

-Two speaker salvaged from an old radio

Soldering iron

Note: I bought all electronic components from aliexpress except speakers and switch



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