JM's Simple and Powerful Knex Gun




Introduction: JM's Simple and Powerful Knex Gun

very nice gun that doesn't use too many pieces.

very powerful
pretty accurate
comfy handle

simple block trigger
the handle is a little flimsy

Step 1: The Handle

a comfy handle, you can easily build it from the pictures.

Step 2: Barrel

self explanatory.

you might wanna put the trigger on the other side if you are a lefty.

(Righties for life!!!)

Step 3: Firing Pin

simple, just a grey/black rod with an orange connector, wrapped in tape.

Step 4: Marble Attachment

a really handy attachment if you want it to shoot marbles.

Step 5: Assembly

Just follow the pictures.

Step 6: Rubber Bands

how to put the rubber bands

Step 7: Cock, Load, Fire!!!

to fire, just pull back the firing pin untill the trigger locks, load the gun, and shoot it!!!



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    22 Discussions

    What do you mean with: 'put a red connector here', because I see a yellow connector...

    3 replies

    put a red connector here ... self explanatory he didn't have a red 1 so he put a different colored one here p.s. hows the trigger made

    I put a yellow connector there, but it should be a red one. Do it for the others too. ( all have to be red ones )

    The list was made for all simple, single shot, tube barreled, block trigger guns. That is exactly what this is, so it went on the list.

    But if people don't like them, they like none of the guns that don't shoot rubberbands P.S. How can i see the list of worst ever k'nex guns?

    The list has been banned according to DJ, and you don't know the definition of block triggers, they are triggers that pull sideways.

    yes, i know the definition of block triggers and true triggers, but still, true triggers also just block the firing pin.