JOY Christmas Decoration

Introduction: JOY Christmas Decoration

I made these letters for my sister as a Christmas present. A quick google search and I found that a lot of people like to have JOY decorations. So I thought I would make an instructable to share. The total for this project was $3 and only took an hour.

Step 1: Materials,Tools,Build


3 - White foam poster boards from the dollar store. Guess how much they cost.....

Red paint (Left over from Grinch decoration)


Projector w/laptop(or just free hand drawing)

E-xacto Knife

Paint Brush

Sand paper

The Build

Begin by projecting your letters onto the poster board. Adjust the size as needed and trace the outlines. I used the font Mystery Quest at a size of about 200. Next, carefully cut out the letters and sand them smooth.

Paint the letters any color you want. I recommend two coats.

Let it dry and you've got a light weight, inexpensive decoration.

Merry Christmas.


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