KILLERK's Sniper in Pistol Form

This pistol has the power of KILLERK's sniper, but in pistol form. It shoots somewhere a long the lines of 30 ft with one rubberband. If any of ya'll find a mod for my pistol let me know and I might change the instructable.

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Step 1: Making the Handle/trigger

For this, you will need a good eye. I didn't have enough time to take the trigger/handle apart so I just took pictures from different angles. Hope you can figure it out.

Step 2: Making the Barrel

Although this is the most time consuming part to build on my gun, it is the part that you need to make the gun work. Make two of pictures 3 and 4. THe first pic doesn't count.

Step 3: Putting the Gun Together

This is the money step. Well, this and the next step. this one is more important though. This shows the construction.

Step 4: Putting on the Rubberbands

This step is the easiest. what you do is first, you put the rubberbands around the orange and white seen below. than, you make the rubberbands get close enough together so they can go into the wheel and over. Lastly just load it like you would KILLERK's sniper. Just put one of those weird yellow-orange thingys ( I use beige ) on your white rod (lulz) and connect the rubberbands on to the beige piece and pull back the white till it gets locked on to the black miscellaneous piece. Pull the trigger. the only down fall to this gun is that instead of using the long black rod, you have two use the short white

Step 5: There You Have It

And there you have it. a pistol version of KILLERK's sniper rifle. I do recommend not to shoot yourself or others. Your parents would kill you. I would know. I've tryed. And don't be a knewb, when you can be an assassin.



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    102 Discussions

    ur momma

    9 years ago on Step 2

    how many half moon yellow pieces do you need for the whole gun


    9 years ago on Step 3

    Well I just wasted 2 hours of my holidays trying to build this and when i put it together the trigger messed up and I followed the instructions perfectly,i'm jinxed for always having something mess up on my guns i build so like I build the FN-Scar and found that the firing pin didnt hit the bullet and then i built a lever action remington rifle and the bullet thingy that dropped the blue rod in didnt work so...yeah i can only build block triggers now


    9 years ago on Step 1

    you should really post teh steps and the peice list but other wise it looks good


    9 years ago on Step 4

    also there is a type of rod that works better with this gun. it snaps in place and when you put the rubber band on the track splicer it doesnt slip. its a orange colored rod and is the sized of a red one.


    10 years ago on Step 1

    dude, you should tell how many of each type of peice we need before we start making it. seriously