Jack Ass Bang

Introduction: Jack Ass Bang

Have you ever wanted your own entrance music? Maybe you like to prank people. Well what if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds! This Instructables will help you in building your own Jack Ass Bang! The Flash-bang for well lack of better words a Jack-Ass. Disclaimer use this with caution do not use in areas where you can get into trouble. Anyone building this assumes all responsibility for their actions.

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Step 1: The Jack Ace Bang!

Here is our episode on this project. It gives a step by step to build the brains of this project. Enjoy and have fun!

Step 2: Parts and Tools

This is a list of the parts we used to build ours. If you have a arduino you can mod the code to work with that. We used the pic because of its size and its internal oscillator


1) clear tube with a lid (We used an old Parmesan cheese jar).

2) 1/2 thick material spacers (We used cutting boards).

3) 1/4 thick material bottoms.

4) Microcontroller (we used a PIC12f683).

5) MikroC.

6) MikroElectronica EasyPic7.

7) L.E.D. strip.

8) (1) 5v Regulator.

9) (3) TIP31 Transistor.

10) Wire.

11) Momentary Push Button.

12) (3) 1K Resistors.

13) (2) 10K Resistors.


1) Drill

2) Hole saw or rotary cutting tool attachment.

3) Soldering Iron.

4) Wire Cutters/Crimpers.

5) Nipple Cutters.

Step 3: Enclouser

This is how we did ours. If you would like to build one like this I have attached files. ours is made of things we found around the shop. We want to see you come up with other types of enclosures.

Step 4: Wiring the Microcontroller

In this section we are showing step by step for setting up the PIC12f683 and L.E.D. Strip. You need to customize the L.E.D strip to get separate colors. you can tweak the program to give separate colors during the flashing process. Side note we used a talking greeting card insert for our sound (tutorial for hacking one soon to come). If you would like a more annoying sound use a piezo buzzer.

Step 5: Files & Code.

Here is the code we used for this project! also has a mock up of the L.E.D. holder. The full drawing Schematics is for persons that can not read Schematics.

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