Jack Chain Bling

Introduction: Jack Chain Bling

I made a necklace from a length of Jack Chain. Its inspired by big gold chain necklaces, or "Bling"

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Step 1: What You Need

1: #16 Jack Chain, or your desired #

2: Wire Cutters

3: Pliers

4: Hammer (Not Shown)

Step 2: Measure

Take an end of the chain and then take where you think you want the end to be, mark it there.

Step 3: Cut

Cut where you made the mark

Step 4: Lesson on Jack Chain

Since jack chain is not welded together, it can easily be pried apart with some force. With a chain that is welded, you would need a hacksaw to get it apart.

Step 5: Pry

Pry one end of the wire that makes up a link of the chain, then slide the other end onto it. Like ring on a finger.

Step 6: Close the Chain

Hammer down the open link to close it, making it seamless.

Step 7: Finish

BOOM! DONE SON! You know have a jack chain bling necklace. Sorry i didn't have most of the actual pictures. I only had enough for one.

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