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About: Spent most of my life in the transportation industry as a commercial truck driver, but due to unforseen circumstances, had to stop. Now I am trying to launch a business making video biographies so people who...
Hello, my name is Robert Stanton (DOB: October 3, 1968) This is my entry into the Jack Daniels Independence Project video contest.

To fully understand why I am entering this contest, I must go back a few years and give you some insight as to who I am.
Since I was a small child I dreamed of a career in the transportation industry. My earliest memories are of becoming a pilot. So when I was honorably discharged from the military (U.S. Army, 101st Airborne.) I went to school to begin my career in aviation. I received my private pilot license and was working on getting certified as a commercial flight instructor when the 9/11 tragedy struck. I knew as I watched the horrors unfold on the news that my career as a professional pilot had ended. Shortly thereafter, I sought a different career in the transportation field and became a truck driver. It was a good move. I loved what I did and was able to meet new people all throughout the United States. Then tragedy struck again. Shortly after Independence Day 2012 while driving a truck on a long distance assignment, I suffered a stroke. The doctors all said I was lucky, but I sure didn’t feel that way. My career as a truck driver had ended, and my privileges to fly were grounded indefinitely.

My hobby for the last twenty years or so has been recording and editing videos. I have recorded weddings for friends, made musical videos of my travels, and created tributes for loved ones who passed away, which has given me much pleasure in sharing. Many people who have seen examples of my work have said I could start a business doing this for others, but I really just considered it a hobby until now.  Since my stroke, I have been released to go back to work, but federal regulations prevent me from doing what I done most of my life, and employers in my area fear I may be too much of a liability to hire me. So now my hobby has become my lifeboat. I have done much research and found a niche market in recording personal history biographies. I have some older equipment such as a decent camera, portable lights, and a cheap microphone. I also have enough “business sense” to begin a new venture, but what I don’t have is capital. If I was chosen as the grand prize winner this award would give me the boost I need to allow me to purchase business cards, brochures, local advertising, and would also allow me to upgrade my older, outdated, and broken equipment.

During my research into personal history biographies I have found very few companies that offer this service and no others within my local region, so my competition if any, is minimal. There are several sectors that I could advertise to, such as retirement communities, hospices, and during off periods, I could also record other events, or even do real estate video tours for the several realtors in my area.

I hope my video submission has shown my capabilities as a videographer, and the explanation above has given some insight as to why I should be selected as the Grand Prize winner.

Thank you.

P.S. My wife would really like the empty whiskey barrel, and a happy wife makes mine a happy life.



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