Sticstand Cigar Holder. an Entry for Jack Daniel's Independence Contest

I'm Joey Loman and I am 44 years old, I was born July 18th, 1968, (07/18/1968).

About year and a half ago I invented a very unique cigar holder that hangs on the rim of a glass. It lets you hold your drink and your cigar in one hand, and keeps the cigar vertical so it burns slowly, and doesnt make the ash fall off.

I call it a Sticstand, and all my cigar smoking friends want one.  Seeing a large demand for the invention, I started the Sticstand, LLC company and got the stand patented and trademarked.

If I were to win the $25000 grand prize I would put the money towards getting the Sticstand manufactured and on the market, and patent and produce the next versions of the Sticstand line of cigar holders.

And I would auction (or raffle, or some other legal method of publicly monetizing)  the barrel to support the Cigar Rights of America to help fight for our quickly vanishing freedom to smoke cigars.

I pledge that this entry and the Sticstand are original work submitted only by me. The Sticstand LLC,, sticstand trademark, and patent d649709 are owned by me, Joseph Loman.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Btw, I rated your project with five stars. It shows four... Odd.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Mr. Loman,

    I have always loved the idea of the SticStand! I hope that JD picks you so that production can start up immediately!

    Good luck!