Jack Daniels Independence Project - Clothing Label

Hello, my name is Max Zagerman & i'm 24 10/19/1987. This is my to pitch to Jack Daniels to help me start my own clothing label.

I’ve always maintained an interest in fashion & design so it’s always been a secret dream of mine to own a clothing label since I was a kid.

In the last year I’ve made connections with local graphic designers, distributers, wholesalers, & other local brands just been getting myself more familiar with the industry & the production process. 

I’ve always taken inspiration from the things I grew up with & find ways to make them my own. The basic motif of my label is using hip-hop, rock & pop-culture references with symbolism & strong graphics. I also like experimenting with tie-dye & acid wash, just doing things that are a little more out-of-the-box. Every shirt is multilayered in that it has a bunch of different elements which make every product an Easter egg for the consumer. 

My basic plan, if I were to win, would be to start paying my design team instead of begging them for help. I would cover my production costs for screen-printing & materials. I would use American Apparel 100% fine ring-spun cotton tees, which are perfect for screen-printing. Plus, I’ll be using social media networks as my main marketing tools to creating that initial buzz both online & in the street.

And from there the sky’s the limit.

My goal is to create something with substance.  The greatest satisfaction I get from designing is when someone says ‘that’s cool’ about a product I’ve done. In that very moment, the consumer and I have reached a mutual appreciation. Its one thing for me to think something is cool, but honestly it’s the biggest reward when the consumer thinks so too.

I’ve got the idea, I’m hungry, & now I’m ready to really make it happen! So please Jack Daniels, help me help myself start a clothing label & create amazing clothes.



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