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My name is Rolando Esquivel I'm 30 years old 11/18/1981 and all I want to do in life is write comedy for tv and film.  I love the process of creating fictional worlds and inhabiting them with off-the wall crack-pot characters to tell absurd stories.  My biggest influences have included Eddie Murphy, Warner Bros. animation, Mel Brooks, The Simpsons, Eek the Cat, Mr. Show, the Muppets, Beavis and Butthead and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

I've co-written animated shorts but my main goal in life is to have a comedy tv show greenlit and on the air.  My Instructables/Jack Daniel's Independence Project is a pilot for a dark comedy tv show called "Pinchey Dog", the story of a Mexican immigrant in the U.S. who, while wandering the streets and looking for work, is mistaken for a hobo, kidnapped and gets his brain transplanted into a dog's body.  The show will be live action and puppets and will feature a community of hobo-brained dogs, hush-hush government experiments, a delirious Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a fight tournament that is part mixed martial arts, part dog show and completely dangerous, and chew toy nunchuks.

As I stated before, writing and developing my own comedy tv show and getting it greenlit is my biggest goal in life and this contest is my best chance to achieve that goal.  My entire adult life I've been living paycheck to paycheck under someone else's thumb, following other people's vision of success while putting my life's passion and creativity on the back burner.  Winning this contest means that I would be able to afford the puppets, backgrounds and production equipment to make a Pinchey Dog pilot a reality and finally be on my way to gain full independence from the daily grind and have a solid a chance at success on my own terms.

C'mon Jack Daniels, give a guy a chance to make the world laugh.

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