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Introduction: Jack Daniel's Independence Project - Tea Shop

My name is Wayne Plymesser (DOB - 1/2/63).  America's love of tea goes back to the very beginning of the country.  Remember a little thing called the Boston Tea Party?  We've always been passionate about our tea.

In the past decade or so, there has been a growing trend towards more than the mass-produced teas found in the grocery store.  Tea is a drink that's as simple as sweet or unsweet, but can be as complex as choosing a fine wine.

My dream is to open a place that caters to everyone.  It will provide comfy couches encouraging people to leisurely gather.  My town here in Middle Tennessee has few places for teens to safely hang out.  My tea venue will be that place.  We will offer special events just for men - like poker nights or football-watching parties.   Women will still be offered what they expect from tea shops, such as afternoon tea and book-reading clubs.

Music will be present.  There will be a stage for intimate writers' nights and maybe even the occasional karaoke session.

The prize money will be used for buying equipment and helping to secure a location.

Thank you for hosting this contest, for giving people a chance to launch their dreams.  I appreciate your consideration of my entry.

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