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Make some improvized halloween decorations in fifteen minutes or less with household items.

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Step 1: Materials

White Fabric
Small Nails
Medicine Bottles*
Black Sharpie

*Preferably fitting together
**Try to get the bendy kind

Step 2: Bandana

Cut the fabric into a long strip and tie it around your medicine bottle that will be for the head.

Step 3: Ghost Part

Cut a strip of fabric and make it any cut you want. Then cut little strips in the edge and make sure the whole thing fits around the bottle.

Step 4: Face and Body

Make your big medicine bottle a face with sharpie. Then fit the two bottles into each other.

Step 5: Pre-Nailing

Get your hammer and pre-nail holes for where the arm-nails will go.

Step 6: Attaching the Fabric

Wrap your fabric around the smaller part of the bottles and nail it in place using the pre-nailed holes.

Step 7: Poofing and Bandana

Poof up your ghost part and add the bandana

Step 8: Arms

Cut your straw into two one inch strips. Make some very small cuts on the side as shown. Fit the straw pieces on the nails on either side.

Step 9: Hands

Cut the ends of the straws so it looks like hands/claws.

Step 10: Done!

All done!!
Let me know what you think or if you have any improvements in the comments!

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