Jack O Lantern Face Paint

Introduction: Jack O Lantern Face Paint

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No sharp knives to faces here! Carve your face like the iconic gourd with your paintbrushes and create a spooky look to still ward off those evil spirits!

Note: This was inspired by the Frankenstein's Creation face and body paint by Ms.MaoMaoz!

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Step 1: Sketch It Out

To start, I used a white eyeliner to sketch out the placement of the Jack-O-Lantern design.

Step 2: Fill With Orange

Then, going over the outline, I used orange to fill in the gaps.

Step 3: Black Features

Then, I went into my black for the features like the eyes, the jagged mouth, and the semi-triangle nose.

Step 4: Pumpkin Lines

Then, using a burnt red from The Walking Dead palette, I made pumpkin lines going down the face.

Step 5: Black Shadow

Then, I used a black eye-shadow (Wet N Wild Color Icon Shadow in Black Panther) to smudge a bit into the eyes and mouth.

Step 6: Brown Shadow

Then, I used a brown CoverGirl eye-shadow to place on a few areas of the pumpkin face for shadow.

Step 7: Yellow Highlight

Then, I used a mix of yellow face paint and eye-shadow to create highlights on the face.

Step 8: Deepen Shadows

Then, I went back into my black to use to deepen the shadowing on the pumpkin lines.

Step 9: Finish Off

Finally, I finished off with any more highlighting and shadowing, and added a few dots on a few areas to make the face look a lot more realistic.

Step 10: Pumpkin Face

Now, get ready to ward off those evil spirits with this Jack O Lantern face paint!

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    3 years ago

    Nice and creative, thanks for sharing. You can also make this kind of effect on your pictures. If interested check my instuctables. Thanks.