Jack O' Lantern for Your Porch

Introduction: Jack O' Lantern for Your Porch

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Got pumpkins? Then you are so ready for Halloween ;-)

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Step 1: Method

Scary pumpkins are the simplest decorations one can have/prepare for Halloween. All you need is pumpkin and an imagination how to transform it into a scary lantern (or kid friendly ones, like a carved cat or Mickey Mouse),

Ready to use templates are available almost at every store, so are carving tools.

Of course you can always draw/outline yourself instead following a template just like I did for both pumpkins on the picture.

So all you need for these scary lanterns above are:



Kitchen knife

A child's boot

A long sock (either adult long or leg warmer)

Liquid food coloring, red and orange

A bunch of dry leaves

As shown on the first pic above, draw what you want to carve after cleaning up the inside of the pumpkin (by making a hole on the top (near the stem)).

Once you are satisfied with the drawing, start carving with the knife

You can make pointy ears with some of the flesh from carving the mouth area.

And your lantern is ready. Just place it on your porch and light a candle inside it in the evening time. Dollarstore has those candles with battery operated, which won't make you come out many times to relight when the wind blow the light off :)

With the same method of drawing what you want the pumpkin to look like, once it is cleaned, drawn, carved, fill the sock with dry leaves.

Insert this filled sock to a boot/shoe then stick it into the pumpkin's mouth

Squeeze some red food coloring as blood and it gives a more dramatic result to your pumpkin :)

Have fun~

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