Jack-O'-Lantern Man Blender 3D





Introduction: Jack-O'-Lantern Man Blender 3D

Jack-O'-Lantern Man Blender 3D

This Instructable is made for the 3D Creation Systems Jack o' Lantern challenge.  This Jack o' Lantern is made in Blender 3D which is free and can be downloaded here.



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    Thank you

    How did you do the lighting? I have blender and I have done something's with it but I have not figured out how to do lighting. Thanks and great model.

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    First, Thanks!

    The lighting was done with three Area light. On my models I almost always use Area lights at an angle because it makes the mesh faces show up better.

    I attached an image of the lighting setup so you can have a look at that if you want.

    Followed U :)!

    Lighting Image.PNG