Jack-O-Lantern With LED Matrix

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I made pomelo jack-o-lantern last year, but i try to make something new and more fun this year.

Step 1: Materials

1. Jack-o-lantern drawing

2.POLYURETHANE FOAM or EPE foam or card board etc...

3. Blinky matrix or if you have the neon matrix from adafruit(ws2812/sk6812version), you just need to add one blinkytape controller.

Step 2: Assemble and Software

1. Print the file on a A4 size paper

2. If you want to push the pattern button like the video, you can solder another extension switch which should be parallel to the tiny tact switch on the controller. If you don't want to solder the switch, you can click the button on the controller directly.

The one i made on the video, I just extend it with 2 wires. Both of their terminals are with 10 mm bare end. I stick the conductive tape on it. Which i try to make a hinge switch.

3.Cut the foam for mounting the led matrix

4. Mount the drawing paper on to the foam.

5.Install pattern paint

6.Connect the matrix with micro usb to the computer, and draw your own pattern. You can also try to load my pattern by clip open "frame based-pattern".

Kindly remind that the configuration of the pattern paint should be "matrix -> 8*8" for this application.

And the function of the tact switch is

click-- change brightness

push and hold the switch -- change the pattern



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