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Well it was a week before my Halloween party, and I was trying to figure out what to carve my pumpkin into. So I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder how I can make my pumpkin dispense beer?" I'd like to say this project is only useful to someone who owns a kegerator, or is having a keg for a party. Also, it's only useful for one night, you have to trash it the next day.

Materials Needed:
1 Medium/Large sized pumpkin
Box wine (any flavor or brand will do)
1 ft. of 1 diameter clear plastic tubing (found at Home Depot)
1 plastic tie wrap
Carving knife
Some kind of cleaning supply (I use BLC, Beer-Line-Cleaner) that will not poison you, or make your beer taste like soap.


I can't stress this enough people. Please do not pour out any delicious wine that is just a sin against all humanity.

Step 2: Cleaning the Bag

This sounds easy enough, however it is actually a delicate procedure, for you can easily ruin you bag by using the wrong cleaner. Since I own my own kegorator, I already have a bottle of BLC (Beer-Line-Cleaner) which I use to clean the tubes. This works great because it is made for cleaning alcohol build-up on plastic that needs to be reused.

First you will need to pop off the nozzle. Just pull hard, it will come off. Then clean out the bag very thoroughly, the last thing you want is your delicious beer tasting like wine. Rinse, rinse, rinse, and rinse one more time

Step 3: Assembling the Bag

This also is a delicate procedure, as you want to make sure your tube does not come up too high or down too low if you are placing it below a beer tower. So first you need to figure out where the tube needs to come out of the pumpkin in order to rest right below the beer tap. Now cut a hole in the bag, on the opposite end of the nozzle. Place the tube in, not allowing more than a couple inches to actually go into the bag (You may need to cut your tubing down to size). Secure the tube inside of the bag with the plastic tie wrap (see pictures). Now you have a bag that can be filled up on one end, and dispensed on the other end.

Step 4: Hollow Out the Pumpkin and Carve 2 Holes

This one's fairly simple. Cut a hole at an angle in the top for the lid, and remove the insides. Make sure you get all that gunk and stringy stuff out of there.

Cleaning pumpkin out........ la la dee daa.........

Now that you have a cleaned out pumpkin, you will need 2 holes. One for the tube, and the other for the nozzle. The hole for the tube should be as close to the exact the size of the tube as you can make it. The tube hole should be somewhere on the top, backside of the pumpkin, as we all know that beer flows according to the law of gravity. The nozzle hole should be on the front of the pumpkin, near the bottom (But not too close to the bottom, or else it will be angled weird).

Step 5: Carve Face (Optional)

If you want your Jack O'Beer to be unique, then just carve a couple eyes in the front of it. To make the eyes glow, simple get some LED lights or a glow stick and secure them into place.

Step 6: Assembly

First, take the nozzle off of the bag. Now place the bag inside of the pumpkin, and push the bottom end into the bottom hole. You will want to place the nozzle back onto the bag from the outside (see picture). You may need too cut around the hole until it fits snug, allowing the entire nozzle to sit outside of the pumpkin. Now take the tube end, and push it up through the tube hole. You may get some gunk around the inside of the tube,DO NOT LET THIS FALL INTO THE BAG

Step 7: Test It Out

Obviously before you have your party, you want to test out your creation. Simply bring the assembled Jack O'Beer to the sink, and fill it with water through the tube. You should be able to fill it for about 30-45 seconds, or until you see water coming to the top of the tube. Now twist the nozzle, and Wah-LA a pumpkin that dispenses water.

Step 8: Substitute Water for Beer

Now what could be better than a pumpkin that dispenses water OH YEAH, a pumpkin that dispenses BEER!! Fill it up with your keg, and amaze your friends with your fully functional, handmade Jack O'Beer



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    12 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Cool...i want to make one on Helloween Day! if you need a real beer dispenser, welcome to http://www.amedrefrigeration.com


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Speaking of Box Wine, if you're having a "classier" gathering, why not just use the boxed wine instead of chugging it and than trying to carve a pumpkin? You can listen to some classical music, maybe some jazz, dress swanky, and drink blood red wine from a pumpkins mouth. Sounds good to me :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds like a fun idea. Maybe instead of beer, you could fill it with some kind of red jungle juice, and have the bag sit on some frozen ice packs. It wouldn't go as fast as the beer, so you wouldn't have to worry as much about refilling the bag. Plus, it's red... And reusing the Franzia bag for beer/liquor-- what a great idea!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    maybe you could freeze the pumpkin beforehand to keep the beer cold (not expecting coherent responses due to drunkenness)

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I actually threw a few chunks of dry ice in through the eye holes, stays cold for a long time.. plus, if you're throwing a party.. you're probably going to be going through the bag of beer quite frequently