Jack O'Lantern Drink Dispenser

This jack o'lantern drink dispenser is a fantastically festive way to serve your guests at any halloween party - carve a funny face and fill it with cider or juice for the kids or opt for something scarier with something stronger for the adults.

You'll Need:

A Large Pumpkin

A Small Drink Dispenser

A Large Spoon

A Sharp Knife

Cider (or any other beverage)

Optional: LED Light, Watertight Bag & Small Weighted Object

Step 1: Prep

Start by washing your drink dispenser and removing the spout. My spout was loose enough to take off with just fingers, but you may need a wrench.

Set the dispenser and spout aside, then carve your pumpkin. Because it will likely be hard to find a pumpkin large enough or a drink dispenser small enough to fit one inside the other, you'll need to carve very close to the rind. The thinner the walls, the faster the pumpkin will rot but you should still be able to use it a few times over the course of a week.

Step 2: Fitting In

Slide your drink dispenser inside the pumpkin and position it so that the spout hole is towards the side that you want to carve a face on.

Step 3: Attach the Spout

Once you've positioned the spout hole where you want it, carve a small hole in the pumpkin. Then screw in your spout.

If you're not confident with your carving skills, you could stop here and have a pretty cool pumpkin keg. Otherwise move on to the next step and make it into a jack o'lantern.

Step 4: Carve, Fill and Serve

Carve a face into your pumpkin, fill it with your beverage of choice and serve.

I was originally planning to do a small, round mouth to match the spout but because of a blemish on the pumpkin I opted for a big grin. As you can see, whatever type of face you choose should work just fine and look great.

Step 5: Lights

If you've got a battery-powered LED light and a watertight bag or two you can make the pumpkin glow. Take your light and seal it in the watertight bag along with a weight (I used a stone pestle) and drop it into the drink dispenser. A flashing/strobing light also makes for an awesome effect.

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