Jack Skellington Makeup Tutorial

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of Tim Burton's cult classics. The Nightmare Before Christmas took us on a journey to Halloween Town to help the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington bring a new holiday into town. And if you didn't fall in love with Jack, Sally or Zero, you definitely can't get the songs out of your head.

In honor of this anniversary, Wholesale Halloween Costumes asked their friend and makeup artist Caitlyn Kreklewich to create a makeup tutorial to help transform you into the Pumpkin King himself.

Step 1: Prepare the Base

Optional: Pop in white contacts.

Use a glue stick to block out your eyebrows. Allow the glue to dry before continuing.

With white face paint, cover your face but leave the eye sockets bare for later.

Make sure you have full coverage, especially around the eyes.

Step 2: Map Our & Fill in the Eyes

Mark the inner points of the eyes to start.

Draw a diagonal line just under your brow towards your natural arch with black makeup. Curve that line up and around the brow bone and then down and around the eye following your natural eye socket as a guide.

Continue the line back up to the inner point, then fill in the eye completely.

Step 3: Create the Brows and Mouth

Draw in arched brows with a thin black line.

Extend a thin black line from both corners of your mouth. Using small flicks of the brush to create Jack’s teeth.

Step 4: Add the Details and Dimension

Fill in your lips with black and blend to create a shadow around the mouth.

Use a fluffy shadow brush to add a shadow for the bags under his eyes.

To add a little more dimension to the brows, add one more line to the brow above the initial one you drew. Use a soft hand to blend it towards your temple.

Go over the first brow line to make it stand out and blend the lower edge to add a shadow and to help the highlight pop.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

Using black eyeliner, tightline your eyes.

Lay down his long skinny neck with the same paint from the base of your face and then fill in your chest until the costume covers the edge.

Fill in both sides of the neck with black.

Step 6: Put on Your Costume & Wig

Lastly, pop on a wig cap and a long silver wig to complete your Jack Skellington costume.



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