Jack Skellington Clock - Halloween Special




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Still a work in progress but I will finish today...case anyone wants to get started, the process is quite straightforward...small detail, it may require a lasercutter :)

(and any clock you can get at the dollar store)

I will work on the detailed instructions after work, stay tunned. BUT if anyone wants to get started, *.eps goes attached


The clocks are now ticking!

So, other than the laser cutting process, which I assume whoever has access to one also knows how to use the *.eps file so unless anyone wants me to explain that specific process (and by all means do contact me), I'll save you the long and boring explanation!


A piece of plywood (4mm does the trick)
A clock: i used these (http://www.lgglobal.biz/ebay/xpicsd/lgct251d.jpg), widely available on NBA clocks at dollarstores or ebay
Hot Glue

Optional: paint :)

Just paint Jack if you will (I kinda prefer the natural wood)
Drill a 6mm hole where the "nose" is
Insert clock
Hot glue it to the plywood

Shouldn't take you more than 10min!

Hope you like them!



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