Jack-O-Lantern Ice Cream Cake

Introduction: Jack-O-Lantern Ice Cream Cake

About: I am a therapist and in my spare time, I like to bake and craft to de-stress. Check out the link to my cake website to see more of my work. I also have a blog: half-bakedart.tumblr.com

1.  Bake 1 layer of chocolate cake and cool completely.
2.  Crush oreos (or other cookies/graham crackers) and mix with melted butter.
3.  Press the crumb mixture into the bottom and sides of a spring-form pan.
4.  Put a think layer of pumpkin ice cream on the bottom, followed by the cake, and topped with the rest of the ice cream (I use the who quart for a 9 inch pan) and cream (if desired).
5.  Other suggestions of layers to include: chocolate/caramel sauce, whipped creme, cookies, fruit, etc.
6.  Draw a jack-o-lantern and/or other Halloween object in colored melted chocolate (click here for a more detailed tutorial of how this technique is done).
7.  Slide a blunt knife between and the side of the cake before releasing the spring-pan to remove the cake.
8.  Top with your chocolate Halloween decorations and chocolate sauce. 

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