Jack the Pumpkin King Nail Art

Introduction: Jack the Pumpkin King Nail Art

Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. Nail time, I have not really done my nails in a very long time so I hope it doesn't look too bad. I had a request from Krysta to make some Halloween nails videos. My first Halloween nail video is Jack the pumpkin King. I I hope you enjoy!

Base coat

Black and white nail polish

white nail art polish or white acrylic paint with thin paint brush

Black acrylic paint with thin brush clear top coat

music: youtube

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Step 1:

Paint base coat to protect all nails.

Step 2:

Paint all but the ring fingers in black.

Step 3:

Paint ring finger with white polish.

Step 4:

Use nail art polish in white to paint lines down all nails that are painted black.

Step 5:

Use acrylic paint in black to paint Jacks face on your ring finger.

Step 6:

Paint Jacks eyes like a paisley shape pointy part pointed toward the middle.

Paint two tiny lines for his nose.

Paint line for smile with small lines through the smile line.

Paint the edges around the nail to form a circle for Jacks head.

Step 7:

Paint all nails with a clear nail polish to protect the art work.

Step 8:

All done, enjoy!

Step 9:

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