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You're not doing me a favor by building this gun.  I'm doing you a favor by giving you instructions for it.

Quick stats:
Range- 45-50 feet with 2 bands
Reload time- 5 seconds
Mag capacity- 8 oodammo rounds.
Very comfy
Very reliable.


Step 1: Outer Panels.

Make 2 of this.  Put blue rods on one of them, set the other one aside for later.

Step 2: Inner Panels

Make 2 of what's pictured.  Set one set aside, put one on the first panel.

Step 3: Inner Guts.

1- Make/gather these.
2- trigger closeup (REMOVE THE BLUE CAP)
3- combine this and the bottom of the barrel.
4- add it all to the gun.

Step 4: Inner Panels, Part 2.

Remember that set of inner panels in step 2 I had you set aside?  Get them and put them on the gun.

Step 5: Outer Panels, Part 2

Add the final panel. 

2- Make this
3- add here.

Step 6: Handle.


1- make this
2- closeup on one important section.  This is for comfort
3- Add to gun
4- Make trigger guard
5- Add trigger guard
6- get them
7-8: add them to handle
9: get these
10-11- add to gun.

Step 7: Ram

Make the ram.  It's an orange connector, 2 gray connectors wrapped in tape, and a Yellow (in this case it's a gray metallic part) connector.

Step 8: Mag

Whee! Almost done!

1- Get all these
2- Make this
3- make these
4- Connect
5- Gather these
6- put them on
7- Add these to the gun
8- Add Etape.

Step 9: Loading and Firing.

Just do it.

1- Take the pusher out and put it on one of the thingys.
2- insert 8 rounds of oodammo
3- Put a Y connector on the top
4- insert it into the gun.  Try to position it like I do for optimum power
5- Take the Y connector off and place it here.

Go have fun with your new gun.

Step 10: Troubleshooting.

-My mag breaks
A: Use tape on the mag area where specified

-I'm shooting 2 shots at one time!
A: If you are, they are most likely getting high range and they both have equal range.  Don't see it as a problem, see it as a shotgun pistol.



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Super cool gun bro.

Anyways, I realise why people don't seem fond of you, but don't feel put off by that. Would you rather live in a world of Knexers who build great guns after criticism, or would you rather live in one where everyone is overpraising everyone in a world of happy smiley faces?

I pick the former, and I think most Knexers here would too.

2 replies

The former is the community I came from, and the latter is the one it degenerated to. It's one of the main reasons we are having a lack of stuff that isn't generic.


7 years ago on Introduction

I built and moded epicly 25 round mag full stock and acog scope


Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

 but i dont need tape on a firing pin, is it possible to just wrap a few bands around?

MegaMetal8DJ Radio

Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

u dont on the ram

i put 2 yellow connectors then a small wheel
which i wrapped bands round
works good

when i didnt put bands on i broke two orange connectors :(


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

It holds the pieces together so that it won't break unless you put a lot of force on it.

Also, if that trigger breaks, you'd have to tear the gun apart to fix it. That's why there's tape on it.


Reply 7 years ago on Step 8

I used 2 fat rubber-bands and it works. I did't use tape for the trigger and it works.