Jacks Desk Tidy

In order to start your desk tidy you must create a 2D Plane with the dimensions

You must start with dimensions of 80 and 90mm, thick and wide

Extrude it a further 80mm to make the cube shape

Shell it leaving 5mm on each corner piece

Extrude the bottom leaving a buffer on 5mm on the bottom

Extrude 5mm holes on the corner pieces alternating every 30mm

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Step 1: Step 2: Transferring Your Design to MakerBot

Make your 3D design file an stl. file then transfer over to make bot

Adjust and scale to sice then lay flat

Step 2: Step 3: 3D Printing

Insert your file on the USB into the 3D printer

Click the designated file on the 3D printer then leave to print

Collect once finished

Step 3: Step 4: Finishing Touches

Start the finishing touches by using sanding paper to get rid of all the excess loose plastic

Remove the base from the bottom of the piece so the cube is stand alone

Cut the polypropolene to the shape of the the interior of the box

Step 4: Step 5 Placing in the Polypropelene

Drill 5mm holes into the plastic material

Place rivets into the plastic through the box

Make sure they are tight in place

Enjoy your desk tidy!!!

Step 5:

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