Jagers Knex Assult Rifle





Introduction: Jagers Knex Assult Rifle


If you have any questions about the gun I'll try to answer them as best as possible, and please do not ask me what the range is, I'm only building this is so that I can post the instructions and for you guys to build.

Parts list might not be correct. Please tell me if it is.

Parts list:

White - 24
Yellow - 26
Red - 44
Orange - 37
Blue - 25
Green - 23
Grey - 27
Light Grey - 16

White - 70
Yellow - 2
Red - 6
Blue (+7 for ammo) - 23
Green - 28
Black (If possible) - 1
Grey (+1 if you have no blacks) - 8

Spacers - 3
Black Ball Joint (Male) - 2
Tan Clip - 2
Rotational Connector - 5

One Last Thing - This Instructable Is Note Free! Apart From All This.

Step 1: Magazine

Step 2: Forward Grip

Step 3: Stock

Step 4: Forward Barrel

Step 5: Middle Section

Step 6: Putting It Together



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    Whats that last piece there for? As in the 2nd to last and last pictures.

    Hey, where do all you guys get your "one-way dark grey connectors?

    specifically, which sets? i have the Starburst spinner, a red box of knex (yes, i bought it EXACTLY like that, in a red box labeled KNEX), 3 of the knex monster thingy's, (the scorpion, the dragonfly, and the corcadile) and im not sure what else. I have everything else, but i want to make this REALLY badly so i just need to know;

    EXACTLY how many Grey Connectors can i substitue?

    also, how many black-n-blue connectors can i sub? i dont think i have 5 of them...

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     I really like this gun.

    I modded it a bit so that the ram locks and fires more easily, and basically added in things here and there to make it more stable or give it a stronger shot, but the overall design is fairly light, sturdy and (best of all) really easy to shoot rapidly.  The mag doesn't jam as much as other guns I have made do, and is very easy to replace.  In a war, you could fire x times, crouch, pull another full clip of ammo out of your pocket and then continue firing.

    I would give it an 8.5*/10, I think.  Good work, Jagers.

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