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Introduction: Jag's RCT3 Roller Coasters

About: you will find out a lot. of things about me as Im on here. But here are some things about me.: 3 -i like building knex - i play drums (im rather good,) - arachnaphobic - drawer - animal lover - I like movies...

I decided to film some of my favorite roller coasters from my various theme parks. The reason for this is because I have gotten lots of requests to post videos of the coasters in my theme parks. As most of you know, the in game recorder is unbearable, since it films the ride frame by frame. Some of the coasters aren't here, and none are from X-flight Studios or Birchmond. All of these coasters are mine, and no one else's. I hope you will notice how the coasters progress in more realistic features as the video goes on, just as I did. I also realized that the practicing and the more I did the game I got a lot better at it. The list of parks at the bottom also takes you to the pictures of all of them. Thanks, and enjoy! 
 All of my parks: XFlight Studios
             Zion Falls- JungleBeast
             Elmer River- Creature of the Hills
             Birchmond Park
             Hillford Park- Tree-vine, Forgotten Mine, Blacksmith
             Lanburgh- The Giant, Surge, Woodchuck



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    nice! I do wish rct3 had it so people could die like on rct2, it yelps with the designing.

    You mean How did I make the coasters? or how I edited the video? The coasters are all rct3 creations, and I used movie maker to compile the in-game recordings into one vid.

    Cool stuff!
    Two question though:
    - What did you use to film this?
    - How did you make those rock tunnel like parts in the Forgotten Mine coaster?

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    Yes, I used the in-game recorder, that's why all of the coasters aren't there.
    I cut through the ground on forgotten mine, then made the ground invisible to place rocks inside. It took forever so I wouldn't recommend making it like I did.

    You're welcome!
    And okay. I used the in-game one once, years ago, laggy as can be. I'll try some other recorder if I want to film my stuff. Need to put a lot more theming with my coasters though. I do larger stations, but the rest is most often pretty bland :/

    Most of the time the station is what makes the coaster for me. My next par has some pretty sweet stations so far :-) the rocks set is the greatest way to theme for me.

    Yeah, same here. I try to make the stations as good as possible, and then some small theming around the rest of the ride :p

    Yeah that's the best way, unless you want to go Disney and have insane themeing. Which I say if you've got the patience, go for it. Like my Forgotten Mine Coaster.

    Okay :p
    I have some coasters that have more theming, but those are mostly fairly compact.
    The one with probably the most theming is in my unnamed park, which is a wild mouse-ish coaster, that is fully located in a large house

    Thanks :p
    The coaster I meant is located in that teal-roofed building. It has some graphical glitches while riding it though (coaster cam), such as one time, your head goes through the roof, and another one is when your head pokes through a tunnel thing 'cause of the barrel roll that goes through the tunnel.